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Book reviews - 2003

books since January 2003:

books and articles since February 2003:

  • Bobbin Lace from Steckborn, history by Anne Wanner, translations by Mireille Finger, Hetty Leuthold, Angela Baier, techniques and sample patterns by the swiss bobbin lacemakers VSS/FDS group under the direction of Vrena Mathis.
    Schiers Switzerland 2003
  • "all those noblewomen and goldsmiths' daughters. Nineteenth-century cross-stitch patterns after contemporary paintings", by Ruth Krul, in: Leids Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, 2003, pp. 251-273, text in Dutch
  • Bordados dos Acores, textos Alexandra Andrade, Porto. 8 / 2001, text in portuguese language
  • Lencos de Namorados, escritas de amor, by alianca Artesanal - Cooperativa de interesse publico, Mario Vilhena da Cunha, 2002, text in portuguese language
  • Bordado Antigo dos Acores, Catalogo, Edicao da Secretaria Regional da Economia Centro Regional de Apoio ao Artesanato, Deposito Legal 162284/01, text in portuguese language

books and articles since June 2003:

books and articles since October 2003

books and articles in November and December 2003

  • Toile de Jouy, Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style, by Mélanie Riffel, Sophie Rouart, Marc Walter, London 2003


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