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Inchiostro, Seta e Oro, Ricami e cartoni da ricamo dal monastero di Sant'Orsola, text by Raffaella Sgubin, Gorizia, Italia, Musei Provinciali, 2002, text in italian

printed by:
Stampa Arti Grafiche
Amilcare Pizzi, Cinisello Balsamo

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The small booklet shows a very interesting documentation oft the collection of vestments with gold embroidery in in the monastery of St. Ursula. The matching drawings are still preserved the Museum Provinciale of Gorizia. Although in italian language, the foto documentation shows that an important work of gold embroidery has been preserved at Gorizia.


drawing for chasuable 18th c.,
monastery of St. Ursula

chasuable 18th c. Gorizia, monastery of St. Ursula


Stole with matching drawing, 18th c., Gorizia, Museum Provinciale

drawing for chasuable middle of 18th c.,
Gorizia, Museum Provinciale


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