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  Bordado de Tibaldinho, Lisboa 1998
139 pages, bw pictures, in protugese language, english and french translations
ISBN 972-9261-44- X

Toalha de maos,
late eighties, early nineties of 19th c.
embroidery from old sheet , incorpoorated 1848/54
in the present hand towel.


Toalha de mesa,
sec. XX, belonging to the Countess of Santar.
In both cases it is a peasant work,
and here a most unusual (at Tibaldinho)
drawn thread work on the edge of this piece


- The origins of Tibaldinho embroidery, by Madalena Braz Teixeira

- Tibaldinho Embroidery (a well kept secret), by Ana Pires

- The Tibaldinho embroidery at the National Costume Museum, by Nuno Porto

Catalogue in portugese language with black and white photografs

Glossary by Ana Pires in portugese language, with special expressions of the Tibaldiho embroidery

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