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  Exhibition catalogue, Vittorio Zecchin 1878-1947, pittura, vetro, arti decorative, published by Marsilio, 2002, text in Italian, copiously illustrated in colour

  Guerrieri (Barbari) ca. 1916


  This catalogue accompanied an exhibition at the Corerer Museum in Venice (10 November 2002 - 9 February 2003). Vittoria Zecchin made paintings of exotic subjects, such as the Thousand and One Nights (which he also elaborated as a wall decoration for Liberty's) and also designed very beautiful, mostly sparsely decorated or plain glass. On Murano he further had an embroidery workshop, which produced small wall hangings in vividly coloured wools in closely-worked straight stitches (a sort of variant of long and short stitch of his own invention) covering the entire surface. The designs for these pieces are closely related to his paintings. Later on in the twenties he entered into an association with the workshop run by Countess Pia di Valmarana, designing small hangings with spare designs in an almost Japanese manner featuring such natural objects as jellyfish. He also made some designs for whitework and needle lace.

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