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On Men - Masculine Dress Code from the ancient greeks to cowboys
ICOM Costume Committee - 57th Annual General Meeting in Berlin, 13 - 17 June 2005
Report edited by Regine Falkenberg, Adelheid Rasche and Christine Waidenschlager, Berlin 2005, ISBN 3-86102-138-2, 116 pages, great number of black and white Photos, papers in English, French and German.

Conference office:
Angela DeGroot,
Deutsches Historisches Museum
Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany,


The Sartorial Art Journal, July 1904, p. 3
"The Plates for the Month" illustrating golfing and out-of-door suits for men

see contribution by Jean L. Druesedow, p. 41

9 - Joanna Papantoniou: From Nothing to Trousers: Greek Men's Lower Body Coverings
13 - Vassilis Zidianakis: La Fustanelle dans le Film "Infusion" de Marcus Tomlinson: Tradition et Innovation
19 - Peter McNeil: Courtier or Macaroni? An Eighteenth-Century Man's Waistcoat at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
25 - Bernard Berthod: Le Renouveau du Costume de la Cour Papale Laique aux Dix-Neuvième et Vingtième Siècles
31 - Hanne Frosig Dalgaard: Gown and Ruff: The Dress of the Clergymen of the Lutheran Danish Church
35 - Aagot Noss: The Bridegroom's Cross
41 - Jean L. Druesedow: The Sartorial Art Journal: American Fashions for Men
47 - Lucie Dolezalova: Men's Fashion in Czechoslovakia of the 1920s and 1930s in Archive Sources and Museum Collections in the Czech Republic
51 - June Swann: Brekelenkam's Shoemaker Paintings and Men's Mid-Seventeenth-Century Shoes
57 - Beata Biedronska-Slota: Elegant Men and Polish National Costume
63 - Elisabeth Hackspiel-Mikosch: Beauty in Uniform: The Creation of Ideal Masculinity during the Nineteenth Century
71 - Irma Wallenborg: From Peacock to Camouflage: A Tour through the Army Museum's Military Uniforms
75 - Tom C. Bergroth: Dress Regulations and Reality: A Portrait and a Uniform of 1810
79 - Isabel Alvarado: Ponchos and Mantas in the Textile Collection of the Museo Historico Nacional
85 - Janet Loverin: Western Dress at Nevada's "Tin Cup Tea"
89 - Jennifer Quérée: Yarks, Smock-Frocks & Tweedsides: Myths and Realities of Colonial Male Clothing in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand
95 - Yury Piskun: Die Nationaltrachten des Weissrussischen Adels im Sechzehnten / Siebzehnten Jarhhundert
99 - Sandra L. Rosenbaum: Almost (but not quite) a Renaissance Doublet and Paned Breeches
105 - Katia Johansen: Men's Costume: Two Major Projects at the Royal Danish Collections, Copenhagen

111 - Addresses of Lecturers

113 -

Complete Programme of Lectures and Accompanying Events ICOM Costume Committee, 57th Annual General Meeting


Gown and ruff, worn by a vicar in Southern Jutland.
Danish gown bottoned in front
with passementerie buttons
(Photo Private collection, Padborg, 2000

see contribution by Hanne Frosig Dalgaard, p. 31

Uniform of Nathänael Gerhard at Schulten, Turku,
Turku Provincial Museum (Photo Martti Puhakka)

see contribution by Tom C. Bergroth, p. 75


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