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text from brochure about Tainan University:

In August 1964 a group of dedicated educators formed a founding committee. In January 1965 based on the approval of the Ministry ofd Education, the school was named Private Tainan Junior College of Home Economics.
In June 1997, the school was upgraded to be the Private Tainan Woman's College of Arts & Technology and changed its name in 1998 to Tainan Woman's College of Arts & Technology.
In 2006 the institute became: Tainan University of Technology.

Tainan city is also called the "City of Phoenix". The University's logo is composed of three phoenixes. Every change of the University's name can be compared to a phoenix flapping wings for a new flight. With an inserting skill, the connection of the beaks and wings of the phoenixes forms the idea of constant spinning and growth. The whitening parts of the beaks may produce the differences of distance, adding a three-dimensional feel.

International Embroidery Research and Development Center, Tainan, Taiwan
Embroidery is part of the cultural heritage that has been passed on from earlier generations. Located at the junction of Mainland China and the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan has been greatly influenced by the eastern and western civilization. This precious ancient handicraft, embroidery, has been delivered to us through diverse aspects and formed abundant treasure and survived throughout history. Therefore rich pieces of art works were kept till now. On the basis of this, we established the International Embroidery Research & Development Center in February 2000, as so to promote the needlecrafts through research and teaching, to make this beauty of art in bloom and with a great hope, to purify people's hearts.


Entrance of the Embroidery Department

Ceiling with embroideries in needle painting


Wall of embroidery stitches:
height 212cm, widths 323 cm.

This is the first wall of embroidery stitches in the whole world. We have completed 912 of them and about 1000 of them are digitalized.

from the collection: handkerchief, whitework


Gold Embossment Embroidery:
'The waste gold silk threads (about one-fifth of the hair) from computer component's "electric conduction unit" are used as embroidery materials, and turn the cold technology wastages into Taiwan's "Creative Industry of New Embroidery Culture.


The textile restoration department

The head of the department:
director Chang Mei-Yun


The textile restoration department


  Teaching program:
- European hand embroidery technique.
- The semi-handed embroidery work is designed by computer and in a very short time completed by mechanical embroidering arms driven by computer. This is the only embroidery teaching apparatus in Taiwan.
- Embroidery repairing.
- Embroidery art treatment.
- An Introduction to Embroidery Industry of Cultural Creation.

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