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  Since one year in Greece there is the "Centre Héllénique de recherche et de Restauration des Tissus Archéologiques"

Youlie Spantidaki, Athens, Greece is responsible for the studies and research. One of the projects is to establish several corpuses with special categories of greek fabrics.

At the moment Youlie Spantidaki is working at religious embroideries. She is studiing the technical part of such embroideries of the 16th c. in museum collections or convents.

As she does not know about studies already done in Western Europe on byzantine embroidery - besides the work of Pauline Johnston - she would be very interested:

- if someone could inform her about existing articles in this field. Her special interest lies on technical specialities.

- she also asks for information about greek embroiderers.

please contact: Youlie Spantidaki


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