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  Silke Mechelke, email:
Chemnitzstr. 8
38118 Braunschweig

Silke is a student and she is going to write her master of art thesis about art embroidery around 1900.
At the moment she is interested in the landscape embroideries of Florence Jessie Hösel (Berlin), and also in works of embroidery by similar working artists of the same time.

According to Thieme-Becker several of Hösels works should be in Museums, e.g. the Museum Stuttgart owns 2 originals of her. 4 more works are in private hands.
Articles about Florence Jessie Hösel and her works of art from 1905 to 1917 are in magazines like "Stickerei und Spitzenrundschau" and "Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration".

- does anyone know about embroideries of Florence Jessie
- where are they at the moment?
- does anyone know about similar embroideries of the same time?

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