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Costume Conference
Call for papers


Historical, sociological and methodological approaches
April 9-11, 2010, Benaki Museum – Pireos Street Annexe

  The Hellenic Costume Society and the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation invite you to
the International Costume Conference entitled “ENDYESTHAI (To Dress): Historical,
sociological and methodological approaches” to take place on April 9-11, 2010.
The conference is organised concurrently to the exhibition “ENDYESTHAI (To Dress): Towards
a Costume Culture Museum” (March 4-April 30, 2010, Benaki Museum – Pireos Street

The topic
Costume is a means of expression that characterises and identifies people, places, social
groups, thought patterns, historical periods, religions, cultures, even ethnic groups. The
Conference goal is to investigate the rich diversity of costume in its historical and artistic
as well as the psychological and social aspects.
The following thematic areas will be explored in the conference:

1. History of Costume
Specific references to the history of costume; sources for costume research.

2. Sociology of Costume
Fashion and ideology, costume and semiotics, attire and identity, clothing as evidence of
age, origin and background, social class, religion, anthropometry and body art.

3. New insights and approaches
Theoretical and conceptual propositions regarding the study of costume, methodological
approaches, teaching costume.

Those interested may submit a proposal for presenting a paper related to one of the
above areas in a brief (250-word) summary in English or Greek.
Presentation duration
will be 15 minutes. Prompt submissions for participation will help the conference
Academic and Organising Committee to determine the final presentation schedule.

  Proposal & summary submission deadline: October 30, 2009.

Registration – Cost – Accommodation
The conference registration fee is 50€ and includes entrance to the sessions, conference
material, coffee & tea, three meals, entrance to the New Acropolis Museum and a guided
Conference attendance is free of charge for students.

More information on accommodation, registration and fee payment to be announced in
September 2009 on the Hellenic Costume Society web site ( )*

For anything related to the conference organisation and submission of participations,
with or without a presentation, please contact Dr. Marlen Mouliou.
T +30 2108258675, M +30 6947804192, F +30 2107650951, E-mail:

Conference Academic Committee

Evangelia Georgitsogianni Associate Professor of History and Culture, Chair,
Department of Home Economics and Ecology, Harokopio University of Athens
Pari Kalamara PhD History and Cultures, Head, Department of
State Archaeological Museums & Collections, Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Sofia Pantouvaki Scenographer (PhD), Adjunct Lecturer, Department
of Theatre Studies, University of the Peloponnese
Ioanna Papantoniou Professor Emeritus, Department of History and
Archaeology, University of Thessaloniki, Chair, Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation
Nora Skouteri-Didaskalou Assistant Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, School of
History and Archaeology, Department of Modern and Contemporary History,
Folklore and Social Anthropology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

We look forward to seeing you in Athens!

*The site will be available from September 2009 onwards

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