Newsletter - of the CIETA Embroidery Group
Bulletin d’Information de Groupe Broderie de CIETA

Nr 53
June 2015

Rheinfelden, June, 2015

Dear members,
In this newsletter you will find as usual links to meetings and exhibitions.
Please also look at Rosalia Bonito Fanellis considerations.

To me very important are the following questions about the future of the Embroidery Group, due to my wish to retire from writing the CIETA Embroidery Newsletter in the end of 2015:
Please write to me now or tell me at the CIETA conference in 2015 in Berlin if you have any idea:

- is there someone in the Embroidery Group to write the Newsletter in the future ?
in my opinion, the general Newsletter of CIETA, now sent by e-mail, gives all the information we need. In the field of textiles a number of newsletters are now accessible. Besides this one can find information on the many museum’s websites.
- we should therefore try to find another way for the group information and activities:
- maybe workshops would find interest. They could be organized once a year or every 2 years. At the CIETA meetings we could decide on special subjects. There might be the possibility of CIETA supporting the meetings, but they have to be organized by members of the Embroidery group.

As usual, this Newsletter can also be visited on the homepage, with links to the special entries  -  (see section “newsletters”).
Additionally, also as usual, I am sending a paper version to members without an e-mail address.

Many thanks for your help, I am appreciating all your further information very much.

yours Anne


I N F O R M A T I O N (see also section information)

General Information:

Nomination to Recognize Leaders in the Field of Textiles
The Textile Society of America (TSA) is instituting a new program to recognize and honor individuals who have over the course of their careers, made path-breaking contributions to the field, in textile scholarship, education, art, or in sustaining textile arts globally. In this context the following texts were published:
"Textile arts and textile scholarship have experienced a significant increase in appreciation over the last decades, both in the visual arts and the academic world, largely due to the creative and exacting leadership provided by exceptional scholars, practitioners and teachers in the textile field."
"Through the distinction of Fellow of the Textile Society of America, we are able to bestow TSA’s highest honor to those who are our leaders in the field of textiles. These individuals serve as an inspiration to many, and through their work have contributed to promoting knowledge and creative engagement with textiles around the world.”
The submission form for nominees is now available on the TSA website: (see New Fellows Program)

Tapestry contest issued by Atelje 61 in Petrovaradin, Serbia
The time to send designs is from 1 April to 1 September 2015; the designs will be juied by 15 October.
For the second time Atelje 61, a tapestry workhop, is asking for tapestry designs to be executed by this workshop. The participants are asked to adjust their ideas to the visual language of woven tapestry. The tapestries will be woven according to the carton of awarded authors in the technique of weaving on a vertical loom in materials suggested by the authors. There are two prizes to the amount of each 1000 Euro. The tapestries will be part of the tapestry collection of Atelje 61. The tapestry design is for tapestries with a maximum of 6 square meters, not previously published.
Address for further information: ATELJE 61, Tvrdjava 9, 21131 Petrovaradin, Serbia;
tel.: +381 21 6431519, email: - website:

Friends of Fiber Art: Grant Application for Fiber Art Exhibitions.
Most favored projects are those that are professionally curated, impact a sizeable audience, are shown in visible locations and travel to additional venues and have catalogs or printed materials to document them.Applications are vetted and voted upon by the Friends of Fiber Art Board of Directors and applicants are notified of the results by October 1st.  Public announcement of awards is made at SOFA Chicago in November.
Address:Grants Chair, Friends of Fiber Art International, P.O. Box 468, Western Springs, IL 60558;
email: , website:
Deadline: Applications must be received no later than 1 July 2015


E X H I B I T I O N S: (see also section exhibition)

forthcoming exhibitions:

  • Reopening 18 June 2015 Musée national de la Renaissance - Château d'Ecouen, Rue Jean Bullant, F - 95440 Écouen - Tel (+33) 1 34 38 38 50;
    Reopening of the Textile Hall of the museum: 18 June 2014.
  • 26 June to 31 October 2015. 5th Textile Triennial Szombathely, Szombathelyi Képtár, Textilgyüjtemeny, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 12, H-9700 Szombathely -
  • 26 June to 13 September 2015. Ariadnes Faden. Textile Findbücher von Hiltrud Schäfer
    Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche, Mühlenort 6, 49565 Bramsche, Germany, Tel. 0 54 61 / 94 51 0 - - Kunstvoll bestickte Täschchen und Bänder, bunte Stick- und Webarbeiten, geheimnisvolle Talismane, Stoffreste, Fäden oder Schnittmuster. Die Osnabrücker Künstlerin Hiltrud Schäfer hat von ihren Auslandsreisen zahlreiche textile Erinnerungsstücke mitgebracht.
  • 1 to 24 July 2015 17th International Minitextile Exhibition TXT, Slovenske zdruzenie textilnych vytvarnikov TXT, Slovenska vytvarna unia, Dostojevského rad 2, SK-81109 Bratislava Deadline: 30 March15
  • 17 July to 20 September 2015 Kurz, kess und Kult - Sonja DeLennart und die Caprihose , tim, Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg , Augsburger Kammgarnspinnerei (AKS) Provinostr. 46, 86153 Augsburg
    Fon: 0821-81001-512 ; Fax: 0821-81001-531 - -
  • 19 July to 17 August 2015 Artapestry 4, Textile Kultur Haslach, Stahlmühle 4, A-4170 Haslach
  • 20 August to November 2015 EXTREME FIBERS: TEXTILE ICONS AND THE NEW EDGE. The Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan/USA announces a call for entries for Extreme Fibers: Textile Icons and the New Edge, a two-part exhibition that will feature artwork from established and emerging textile artists from around the world.
    Part one of the exhibition is reserved of artwork of chosen fiber artists.
    Part two
     will feature works selected by three jurors. Entry in his section is open to artists 18 years and older, from any country. All entries should be submitted to the CaFe website
    by Nov 14, 2014. For questions or additional information contact Art Martin, tel: +1-231/7202575,e-mail:  Muskegon Museum of Art, 296 W. Webster Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49440
  • 26 August to 17 January 2016 Vision Herbst Winter, Textilmuseum St. Gallen, Vadianstr. 2, CH-9000 St. Gallen
  • 26 August 2015 to 1 March 2016 furor floralis, der Weg führt vom mittelalterlichen Paradiesgarten über den streng gegliederten Renaissancegarten, die barocken Parterres de Broderie, zu den malerischen Landschaftsgärten und den Gärten des 20. Jahrhunderts. Grundrisspläne aus dem Schweizer Archiv für Landschaftsarchitektur werden einer Auswahl an Textilien aus den Beständen des Textilmuseums St. Gallen, historischen Kostümen aus einer Schweizer Privatsammlung sowie zeitgenössischen Kleidern namhafter Modedesigner gegenübergestellt. Textilmuseum St. Gallen, Vadianstr. 2, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Tel. +41 (0)71 222 17 44 - -
  • 5 September to 27 December 2015. C.P. Oberkampf 1735 – 1815. Les Toiles de Jouy. Une aventure humaine, industrielle et artistique. Musée de la toile de Jouy, Château de l’Eglantine, 54 rue Charles de Gaulle, F - 78350 Jouy-en-
    Tel (+33) 1 39 56 48 64, - see symposium
  • 13 September 2015 to 10 January 2016 6th EUROPEAN QUILT TRIENNIAL - The Textilsammlung Max Berk - Kurpfälzisches Museum is holding the 6th European Quilt Triennial, expected to be shown in Heidelberg from 13 September 2015 to 10 January 2016 and subsequently at Kreismuseum Zons in Germany, Textilmuseum St. Gallen in Switzerland, and at the prestigious Festival of Quilts in Birmingham/UK in August 2016. Prizes of Euro 7,000 in total will be awarded. The entry may be made in German, English or French to Textilsammlung Max Berk
    Kurpfälzisches Museum, P.O. Box 105520, D-69045 Heidelberg,
    Tel: +49-6221/800317; Fax: /584699050; e-mail: - -
    Please ask for the Entry Form!
    Deadlinefor submission: 6 February 2015
  • 19 September to 4 October 2015. Cas Holmes (textile art), Galerie art textil sent, Stron 277, CH-7554 Sent, Switzerland
  • 26 September 2015 to 20 January 2016. The Fabric of India, Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, UK – London SW7 2RL, Tel (+44) 20 7942 2000, -
  • 3 October to 10 January 2016. The Fabric of India, Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, (UK) London SW7 2RL
  • 17 October to 31 January 2016. La fabrique de l’oevre: dessins des Musées d’Angers, Musée Jean Lurçat et de la Tapisserie Contemporaine, 4, Boulevard Arago, F-49100 Angers
  • 4 December 2015 to 1 March 2016. "Byzance en Suisse" , Musée Rath, Place Neuve 1204 Genève, Suisse
    T +41 (0)22 418 33 40 - F +41 (0)22 418 33 51 -
    mah(at) -
    y seront présentés des textiles byzantins conservés en Suisse , Catalogue français, catalogue allemand prévus

current Exhibitions:

  • 26 April to 8 November 2015 Triumph of Ornament: Fifteenth-Century Italian Silk-Weaving, Abegg-Stiftung, Textil-Museum, Werner-Abegg- Str. 67, CH-3132 Riggisberg, Switzerland
  • 19 April to 15 November 2015. Vivarium, Textilmuseum St. Gallen, Vadianstr. 2, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • 13 February 2015 Bewahre, Was Menschen sammeln. Wandelbare Dauerausstellung.
    Bewahre! Hanro: Erste Einblicke in das Archiv des Liestaler Textilunternehmens
    Eine Reise durch die faszinierende Welt der Hanro-Produkte – Eine einzigartige Sammlung, welche die über 100jährige Geschichte der Marke Hanro dokumentiert und nun als Geschenk zum Kanton Basel-Landschaft kommt: Erste spannende Einblicke in das umfassende Firmenarchiv im Museum.BL . Die Ausstellung "Bewahre!" zeigt, wie die Sammlung erschlossen wurde. Die schönsten Werbeplakate und ausgewählte Kleidungsstücke aus der Sammlung sind zudem für kurze Zeit im Museumsfoyer zu sehen.
  • 11 February to 9 August 2015 's isch – ‘s isch nöd - Das St. Galler Kinderfest - Textilmuseum St.Gallen, Vadianstrasse 2, Switzerland - Tel. +41 (0)71 222 17 44 - - - St. Gallen steht für Stickerei. Neben der bis heute von der Haut Couture geschätzte Guipure erlangt die weisse Broderie Anglaise weltweite Popularität.
    Die Ausstellung «’s isch – ‘s isch nöd» widmet sich Geschichte und Gegenwart des St. Galler Kinderfestes, das erstmals im Jahr 1824 begangen wurde und bis heute, so auch 2015, alle drei Jahre stattfindet.
  • 11 February to 31 December 2015 Traum & Realisation, Textilmuseum St. Gallen, Vadianstr. 2, CH-9000 St. Gallen
  • France:

  • 1 April to 3 August 2015. Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the Grand Palais, Galeries Nationales in Paris. An exhibition organised by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais, together with Maison Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris. the show is a high point in Jean Paul Gaultier’s career.
  • 8 March to 23 August 2015. Jeanne Lanvin, Musée Galliéra , Musée de la Mode et du Costume, 10, avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, F-75116 Paris
  • 11 March to 16 June 2015. Piero Fornasetti: La folie pratique - Les Arts Décoratifs - Nef 107 rue de Rivoli - 75001 Paris Tél. : +33 (0)1 44 55 57 50 - la Folie pratique regroupe plus de mille pièces de Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988), puisées au cœur de ses incroyables archives. Cette rétrospective brosse le portrait de ce créateur qui fut peintre autant que décorateur, imprimeur et éditeur, collectionneur et marchand.
  • 27 March to 5 July 2015. Mutations, Musée de la Mode et du Textile, Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs, 107, rue de Rivoli, F-75001 Paris
  • 10 February to 19 July 2015.Déboutonner la mode. Les Arts Décoratifs , 107, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, Tél. : +33 (0)1 44 55 57 50 - L’exposition Déboutonner la mode est l’occasion de dévoiler une collection unique au monde de plus de 3000 boutons avec une sélection de plus de 100 vêtements et accessoires de mode féminine et masculine.
  • 7 November 2014 to 11 October 2015. Impressions du Soleil Levant. 150 ans de relations Alsace-Japon, Mulhouse (F) L’année 2014 est l’occasion de commémorer le 150ème anniversaire des relations entre l’Alsace et le Japon, dont le textile fut l’un des premiers domaines d’échange. Dès 1864, les manufactures alsaciennes exportent vers le Soleil Levant des étoffes de mousseline de laine.
    Musée de l'Impression sur Etoffes,14, rue Jean-Jacques Henner - BP 1468 - 68072 MULHOUSE France
  • 7 November 2014 to 11 October 2015. Dans le cadre de l’exposition « Impressions du Soleil Levant », le Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes est honoré d’accueillir la plus japonaise des maisons de Couture françaises : LEONARD, Paris, ambassadrice d’excellence des relations franco-japonaises. Décoré de l’Ordre du Soleil Levant, rayons d’or en sautoir, par l’Empereur du Japon, M. Daniel TRIBOUILLARD, à la tête de la Maison LEONARD nous convie à partager sa passion pour la culture ancestrale japonaise sans cesse réinterprétée au travers de ses créations.
    Musée de l'Impression sur Etoffes,14, rue Jean-Jacques Henner - BP 1468 - 68072 MULHOUSE France
  • Germany, Saarland, Austria:

    • 21 May to 20 September 2015 Sinnlichkeit und Struktur - Johanna Schütz-Wolff, GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Johannisplatz 5-11, D-04103 Leipzig
    • 22 May to 29 November 2015 kunst - stoff im tim , tim, Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg , Augsburger Kammgarnspinnerei (AKS) Provinostr. 46, 86153 Augsburg
      Fon: 0821-81001-512 ; Fax: 0821-81001-531 - -
    • 27 March to 28 June 2015 Quilts; 22 textile Positionen, tim, Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg , Augsburger Kammgarnspinnerei (AKS) Provinostr. 46, 86153 Augsburg
      Fon: 0821-81001-512 ; Fax: 0821-81001-531 - -
    • 20 March to 20 September 2015 Fast Fashion. Die Schattenseiten der Mode, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Steintorplatz 1, D-20099 Hamburg
    • 20 January to 21 June 2015 Kindertränen und Blütenpracht. Chinesische Bilder auf Seide und Papier . Museum für Asiatische Kunst , Lansstraße 8, Arnimallee 25, D-14195 Berlin
      Im Mittelpunkt der Ausstellung steht eine wichtige Neuerwerbung: eine große Seidenwirkerei (chin. kesi) mit Lotus- und Phönixdekor aus der frühen Ming-Dynastie, 14./15. Jh.
    • 27 February to 26 July 2015 Louise Bourgeois - Strukturen des Daseins: Die Zellen, Haus der Kunst, Prinzregentenstrasse 1, D-80538 München
    • 18 April to 16 August 2015 Moden. Schwarzwälder und andere Hüte, traditional hats - Franziskanermuseum , Rietgasse 2, D-78050 Villingen-Schwenningen Germany
    • until the end of 2016 Permanent Carpet Gallery, MAK Museum für angewandte Kunst, Stubenring 5, A-1010 Wien


    • 8 June to 15 August 2015. Small Tapestry International 4: Honoring Tradition, Inspiring Innovation, Selvedge Magazine, P.O. Box 40038, (UK) London, N6 5UW
    • 15 April to 9 August 2015.Sonia Delaunay - Tate Modern, Bankside, UK - London SE1 9TG; Tel (+44) 20 7887 8888 -

    Netherlands, Belgium:

    • 17 January to 1 November 2015 Art Nouveau damask, TextielMuseum, Goirkestraat 96, NL-5046 GN Tilburg Netherlands
    • 27 March to 16 August 2015 De oase van Matisse, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Departm. of Applied Art, Paulus Potterstr. 13, NL-1071 CX Amsterdam


  • 212 June to 4 October 2015 Hannah Ryggen. Weaving the world at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, P.O. Box 7014 St. Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo, Norway. Hannah Ryggen (1894–1970) is one of the most significant Scandinavian artists of the twentieth century. Her tapestries are visual responses to major and minor events, conflicts and processes. The exhibition echoes a broad renewal of interest in Ryggen’s figurative and highly captivating modernism internationally.
  • Italy:

    • 8 May to 21 June 2015 la 25° edizione di MINIARTEXTIL, “INVITO a TAVOLA” rassegna di Fiber Art internazionale di opere mini e di grandi dimensioni . - Opera esposta di Marialuisa Sponga Archi, Titolo: ”MUSICA in TAVOLA” 2015 - 20x20x1,5 cm - chiesa di San Francesco a Como, Largo Spallino, 1 , Italy. e a Villa Bernasconi a Cernobbio, Via Regina, 7, Italy - +39 031305621
    • 20 March to 21 June 2015, Il Medioevo in Viaggio” - The Voyage in the Middle Ages - The Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence, Italy. The museum in Florence, Italy, celebrates its 150th anniversary. the catalogue is in Italian
      curators: Benedetta Chiesi, Ilaria Ciseri (the Museum’s Director) , Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi (the Senior Director)

      A collaborative project of the “Réseau des Musées d’Art Médiéval (founded in 2011), the exhibition  opened in Paris at the Musée de Cluny  (October 2014-February 2015).
    • 21 November 2014 to 21 June 2015. Ikat/Chiné, decorare il tessuto (catalogue) - Fondazione Antonio Ratti, via Cernobbio 19, I - 22100 Como, Tel (+39) 031 3384976 - -
    • 20 May to 19 October 2015 "RADICAL ELEMENTS” at National Academy of Sciences, Washington, USA, 40 works of contemporary textile art. Marialuisa Sponga Archi shows:in una notte Fluorescente (2013). National Academy of Sciences, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20418 USA -

    Czech Republic, Slovakia:

    • until 31 December 2015. Vital Art Nouveau 1900, Municipal House, Prague -
      The long-termed exhibition presents a selection of the most outstanding works of Czech and European Art Nouveau art from the holdings of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. The Exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive and richly illustrated book published by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and Arbor Vitae Publishing House in Czech and English. (Order: - )
    • until October 2015. Shoes – Tradition and Fashion - Women’s Footwear in the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Century from the Collection of the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade,
      The Museum in Prijepolje, Prijepolje - - - a collection of women’s footwear dating from the first half of the 19th century to the present day. The largest part of the collection, about 100 pairs of women's footwear, was shown in 2013 at the museum exhibition Ah, those shoes!. The museum also participates in the international project Europeana Fashion. Within this project, the collection of women's footwear of the Museum of Applied Art is available on the portal
      Europeana Fashion –


    • until 26 July 2015 Paradise on Earth: Flowers in the Arts of Islam, Art Gallery of South Australia, (AUS) Adelaide

    USA, Canada, Southamerica, Mexico:  

    • 2 June to 25 September 2015. American Tapestry Biennial 11, American Tapestry Alliance (ATA), P.O. Box 28600, (USA) San Jose, CA 95159-8600 www.americantapestryalliance,org
      Deadline 15 August 2015:
      Fiberart International 2016, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 6300 Fifth Avenue, (USA) Pittsburgh, PA 15232
    • 20 May to 19 October 2015 "RADICAL ELEMENTS” at National Academy of Sciences, Washington, USA, 40 works of contemporary textile art. Marialuisa Sponga Archi shows:in una notte Fluorescente (2013). National Academy of Sciences, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20418 USA -
    • 28 April to 27 September 2015 Pathmakers - Women in Art, Craft and Design, Midcentury and Today,
      Museum of Arts and Design,
      2 Columbus Cir., (USA) New York
    • 7 March to 5 July 2015 A Common Thread, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, 520 South First Street, (USA) San Jose, CA 95113
    • 7 March to 5 July 2015 Bedouin Textiles from the Collection of Robert and Joy Totah Hilden, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, 520 South First Street, (USA) San Jose, CA 95113
    • 12 March to 14 February 2016 Inside out: Revealing Clothing’s hidden secrets - Kent State University Museum, PO Box 5190, Kent, OH 44242-0001 - USA The art of creating beautiful custom clothing has always entailed beautiful workmanship that is hidden when the pieces are worn. This exhibition showcases these secret inner-workings that are usually out of sight. Pockets, quilted linings, boning and labels all come to light when the garments are flipped inside out.
    • 21 March to 24 August 2015 Unraveling Identity, The Textile Museum, 2320 S. Street NW, Washington, DC 20008-4088
    • 2 May to 4 October 2015 Artist Textiles: From Picasso to Wharhol, Textile Museum of Canada, 55 Centre Ave., (CDN) Toronto, Ontario M5G 2H5
    • from 3 June 2014. Exposed: A History of Lingerie - FIT Museum, New York -
    • 18 June 2014 to 30 June 2016. Fashion Victims: The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19th Century - Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto.
    • until 28 June 2015. Textiles from Islamic Lands, The Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Boulevard, (USA) Cleveland, OH 44106
    • until 16 August 2015. Painting with Threads : Chinese Tapestry and Embroidery, 12th – 19th Century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, USA – New York, NY 10028-0198
      Tel (+1) 212 535 7710 -

    M E E T I N G S (see also section meetings )


    • 18 to 20 June 2015: Milano, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Largo Gemelli 1,
      I - 20100 Milano,
      Fashion Tales 2015. Feeding the Imaginary (International Conference)
    • 11 to 12 September 2015 conference: The Look of Austerity, The Museum of London, 150 London Wall, (UK) London EC2 5HN -
      This two-day conference will explore the effect of post-war austerity on the appearance of people and cities. The Look of Austerity seeks to challenge myths surrounding the immediate post-war period, not least those that have grown up around Dior's New Look.
      See more at:
    • 8 to 13 September 2015 ICOM meeting in Toronto, Canada, Theme: Exhibitions and Interpretation, Call for papers deadline 28 February 2015
      Toronto has a rich dress and textile history; as a major centre of garment production in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a major retail centre for clothing in Canada (including iconic department stores Eaton’s and Holt Renfrew) and home to many of Canada’s contemporary fashion designers including Greta Constantine, Jeremy Laing and Smythe.
      The meeting will overlap in part with Toronto’s wildly successful international film festival TIFF, so we will be working hard to finalize the programme and encouraging people to book their accommodation in good time.
      Further details about the meeting can be found on the meeting website Details about registration and payment will be available from 1 April 2015. If you have any questions please email Alexandra Kim at
      e-mail April 17th: We have had a wonderful response to the call for papers, with 35 papers submitted so far, addressing a wide range of issues on the subjects of exhibitions and interpretation. We still have room in the programme for a few more presentations so if you would like to give a paper but thought you had missed the deadline please do contact me.
    • 9 May to September 2015 4th RIJSWIJK TEXTILE BIENNIAL 2015 IN HOLLAND The exhibition in Rijswijk near Den Haag will be visited during the 17th ETN Conference! For those who want to apply for this international biennial please consult the website - deadline for application: 31 Aug. 2014
    • 8 to 10 October 2015 Oberkampf et la toile imprimée XVIII e  - XIX e  siècle
      Production, création, consommation. Colloque international 8-10 octobre 2015
      Musée de la toile de Jouy-HEC, Jouy-en-Josas,
      Colloque international à l’occasion du bicentenaire de la mort de Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, fondateur de la manufacture de Jouy. Vous êtes invités à participer à ce colloque en soumettant des propositions écrites résumant votre sujet d'étude en 2 pages maximum à l'adresse
      oberkampf2015@gmail- Date limite de soumission : le 20 décembre 2014.
    • 8 to 10 October 2015 Research group ‘Textiles from the Nile Valley’- 9th conference, Prof. Dr. Antoine De Moor, Windekekouter 90, B-9860 Scheldewindeke, end of April 2015 Call for Papers
    • 21 to 23 October 2015 Second International Conference on Cultural Relations, in Europe and the Mediterrranean ENCATC, B-18, Place Flagey, B-1050 Bruxelles,
      Deadline Call for Papers: 27 March 2015
    • 4 to 6 November 2015 ITCC 2015 International Textiles and Costume Congress and exhibition in Istanbul-Turkey. This is a multinational organization in which Ars Textrina UK, Costume Culture Association (CCA) of South Korea, Kasetsart University in Thailand and ITB in Indonesia are involved; previous Congresses were held in these countries many times. This time the Congress will be hosted by Marmara University.
      Prof Çigdem Çini,
      Marmara University is Congress Director and part of the international committee of the organisation.The program will include a Fashion Exhibition: “Fashion Futures” and a Textile Exhibition: “Art Textiles”. All accepted abstracts and full papers will be published in the refereed congress proceedings and will be published electronically on the website - Contact: Professor Çigdem Çini /
      ITCC 2015 Congress Director, Head of Textile Department Marmara University, Faculty of  Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey.
      Paper abstract submission deadline:
      30th June 2015
      Full paper submission deadline:
      30th July 2015
      The deadline for applying to the exhibitions is:
      1st August 2015
    • 17 to 20 November 2016 Costume Colloquium V: Restraint and Excess in Fashion and Dress - Florence, Italy.
      The Organizing Secretariat remains at your disposal at
      Deadline June 15th 2015: Call for Papers: The Advisory Committee and organizers of the next Costume Colloquium dedicated to Restraint and Excess in Fashion and Dress are seeking new and unpublished papers for the 2016 conference.  As with all the previous Costume Colloquium conferences, presentations can be made on material of a theoretical and/or practical nature. Not only informative, but also inventive and creative presentations are welcome.

    B O O K R E V I E W S: (see also section book reviews )

    books and articles:
    since January 2015

    • Liturgische Gewänder der Schwarzen Kirche zu Kronstadt in Siebenbürgen, Evelin Wetter, Mit Beiträgen von Corinna Kienzler und Ágnes Ziegler, 2 Bände, 484 und 160 Seiten, 331 Abbildungen, davon 81 Strichzeichnungen. 31,5 x 23,5 cm, 2015, Leinengebunden mit Schutzumschlag. ISBN 978-3-905014-63-1, CHF 195.-- + Porto
      Die evangelische Stadtpfarrkirche Kronstadt bewahrt einen bedeutenden Schatz liturgischer Gewänder des Mittelalters. Nach der Reformation bis in die 1860er Jahre weiter genutzt, galten sie als ein Bekenntnis zum Luthertum. Die luxuriösen Stoffe stammen aus den italienischen wie auch osmanischen Weberzentren, die Besätze aus Gold- und Seidenstickerei italienischen, mitteleuropäischen sowie lokalen Werkstätten. In ihrer Vielgestaltigkeit und Qualität sind sie Ausdruck der wirtschaftlichen und kulturellen Vernetzung einer Stadtgemeinde zwischen Orient und Okzident. Der Katalog präsentiert die Objekte unter kunsthistorischen und technologischen Gesichtspunkten. Analysen von Schnitt, Verarbeitung und Veränderungen erschließen die Gewänder als Zeugen einer bewegten Geschichte.
      Inhalt: Einführung – Kronstadt und seine Schwarze Kirche. Zur Geschichte des Baus und seiner Ausstattung – Der Bestand liturgischer Gewänder im Spiegel der Inventare – Die liturgische Nutzung vorreformatorischer Gewänder im siebenbürgischen Luthertum – Form, Verarbeitung und Veränderungen an den Gewändern im Verlauf der Jahrhunderte – Italienisch oder Osmanisch? Gewebetechnologische und naturwissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zu den Kronstädter Samten – Internationale und lokale Bezüge im künstlerischen Erscheinungsbild der mittelalterlichen Textilien – Katalog. Extensive English Rezumat extensiv al studiilor în limba român – A tanulmányok terjedelmes magyar nyelvü összefoglalója – Extensive Summary of the Essay Section.
    • Riggisberger Berichte Band 20: Der Dionysosbehang der Abegg-Stiftung. Dietrich Willers und Bettina Niekamp
      272 Seiten, 32 Tafeln, 200 Abbildungen, 1 Falttafel, 23 x 31 cm, 2015, Paperback, ISBN 978-3-905014-53-2
      CHF 85.-- + Porto
      Der Dionysosbehang der Abegg-Stiftung gehört zu den grössten und bedeutendsten Bildwirkereien, die aus der Spätantike noch erhalten sind. Er wird erstmals in einer umfassenden monographischen Arbeit gewürdigt. Die reiche Ausstattung mit 32 Tafeln und 200 Abbildungen eröffnet einen umfassenden Einblick in die Bilderwelt der Spätantike und in die faszinierende Technik der Wirkerei.
      Dietrich Willers widmet sich von archäologischer Seite den Darstellungen des Behangs und ihrer Deutung. Die rahmende Arkadenarchitektur und die einzelnen Figuren werden gewürdigt, und der komplexe Sinngehalt des Bildprogramms wird erschlossen. Überlegungen zur Komposition und zur ursprünglichen Verwendung schliessen die Betrachtung ab.
      Bettina Niekamp behandelt grundlegende Fragen zu Technik und Material der monumentalen Bildwirkerei. Nach einem Abriss der Restaurierungsgeschichte des Behangs folgen Überlegungen zu Webstuhl, Wirkereitechnik, Zusatzeffekten und den verwendeten Garnen. Auch die wesentlichen Schritte des Herstellungsablaufs vom Entwurf über die Wirkvorlage bis zur Ausführung werden vorgestellt und diskutiert.

    • Matthias Mayerhofer, Seidenglanz für Hof und Altar, Der Paramentenschatz von Niedermünster in Regensburg 17. bis 20. Jahrhundert. November 2014, in german language, 240 pages, 3 black and white and 213 colour pictures, 24 x 28 cm, 1497 g, at Euro 39.95, ISBN 978-3-7954-2950-8
      Eine jüngst wiederentdeckte Kollektion an außergewöhnlichen Messgewändern, deren älteste Schöpfung kurz nach dem Ende des Dreißigjährigen Krieges (1648) entstand und dessen jüngstes Altarkleid dem Art Deco (um 1930) zuzurechnen ist, eröffnet spannende und unerwartete Einblicke in das eng miteinander verwobene liturgie- und textilgeschichtliche Schaffen aus vier Jahrhunderten.
      Das Damenstift Niedermünster war eines der ältesten und vornehmsten Damenstifte des Heiligen Römischen Reiches. Nur adeligen Familien von Rang war es gestattet, ihre Töchter zur Erziehung dorthin zu geben. Die ehrwürdigen Fürstäbtissinnen und die ihnen nach der Säkularisation folgenden Dompfarrer erwarben seit dem 17. Jahrhundert einen außergewöhnlichen, bis heute erhaltenen Schatz an liturgischen Gewändern. Er bildet einen der bedeutendsten Textilbestände in Süddeutschland. Die Erforschung dieses Textilbestandes und die Auswertung dreier Inventare des 18. Jahrhunderts zeichnen ein unerwartetes Bild von der mondänen Lebenswelt der Stiftsdamen.

    Q U E S T I O N S (see also section question )

    Some considerations on the need for a renewed methodology in embroidery research.
    Question of Rosalia Bonito Fanelli, Textile Historian ( )

    Over the past two months I have noted in a current Florentine  Bargello Museum exhibition  and in a London Textile Society symposium an urgent contemporary need for consolidating more technical approaches to embroidery - and textile studies as well.
    read more


    I N S T I T U T I O N S (see also section institutions )

    Decisions about the future of  E T N  (European Textile Network)

    On Friday 15th May the General Assembly of ETN (European Textile Network) took place at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Leiden Holland. This Assembly was attended by 60 members. Beatrijs Sterk retired and also the Hannover Secretariat cannot continue.
    There were the following decisions about future of ETN:
    ETN members Christina Leitner and Andreas Selzer from the Textile Centre in Haslach, Austria,
    offered that from 2017 onwards the Bureau for ETN would move to their Centre.
    They also outlined some proposals for ETN in the future:
    • They think of a new rhythm of meetings with a Conference in Haslach every three years. In the years in between there could be conferences in other countries together with local textile actors. The Haslach conferences programme would include lectures on one certain topic plus networking sessions.
    • They would also organise a curated exhibition of work by ETN members and an ETN prize for outstanding artistic or scientific textile work.
    • They plan to go on with the Newsletter, and to create a new website where each member could upload information.
    • One more proposal was to create scholarships for ETN members with ETN members and artistic residencies. They thanked Beatrjs Sterk and Lala de Dios for meeting them in Helsinki ETN during the recent NTA Conference and so having the opportunity to discuss the future of ETN.

    They are already in talks with the government and the textile industry for financial support. However, they will not be ready to take over the network administration until 2017.

    For the period 2015 - 2017

    As the closing of the Hannover Secretariat office cannot be delayed any longer, Lala de Dios offered to take over the running of ETN, working from her office near Madrid, Spain, untill, at least, the 2017 General Assembly.

    She offered:
    • To do / coordinate all the administrative tasks regarding the network finances, membership and others.
    • To go on sending information to members, via the Newsletter unless other means be devised by the Board.
            Also sending the Calendar and the ETN membership list due to be published in 2016.
    • To update the ETN data base so that all previous work does not go wasted.
    • To receive and answer the mail.
    • To take care of the organization of the 2017 Conference.
    • To take care of any other matter related to the operation of the network.
    Board members Patricia Christy and Vibeke Vestby were willing to remain on the Board.

    The ETN 2017 Conference
    The Director of the Textile Museum at Boras, Ulrika Kullenberg, spoke about plans for a Conference in Boras which is the capital of textiles and textiles education in Sweden. The Museum is 20 years old and very active organising exhibitions and events.The city also hosts a new Textile Fashion Centre, a Museum of Contemporary Art which shows the social history of textile workers and textile production and a range of independent organizations in textiles. Hopefully all these institutions will actively engage and interact working together for the Conference.
    Elisabeth Brenner, the Chair of the Nordic Textile Art, NTA, was invited to speak about this network of Nordic countries that meet each year, next year in Bergen, Norway. Elisabeth was invited to be on the Board of ETN as help from the NTA in the organization of the next ETN conference is considered essential.

    The new Board
    Lala de Dios, Spain, President.   Mail address:
    Andreas Selzer, Austria, Secretary General.        Mail address:
    Vibeke Vestby, Norway, Treasurer.     Mail address:
    Patricia Christy, United Kingdom, Board member.       Mail address:
    TEXERE website:
    Christina Leitner, Austria, Board member.     Mail address:
    Elisabeth Brenner, Sweden, Board member.         Mail address:


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